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Our team has over 45 years of combined experience working in packaging, development, retail and manufacturing. We are your trusted source for innovative packaging solutions!  We are also a trusted wholesale packaging supplier with an extensive selection of stock bag inventory available locally in North Carolina.  CLICK HERE to open a printable summary.

We realized a fresh approach was needed and the clients’ needs must be heard and met. RLR Packaging offers that FAMILY FEEL with a single point of contact with exceptional customer service. You can call us directly no matter what time and your questions will be answered without being passed around from one department to another.

RLR Packaging proudly becomes your personal concierge by crafting original packaging designs with the utmost attention to detail.

RLR Packaging offers you a fresh approach as a preferred wholesale packaging supplier for …

  • Personal attention
  • Attentive
  • Detail oriented
  • Creative designs that can meet the lowest budgets
  • Competitive pricing
  • Safe and compliant materials
  • Transparent communication
  • No added hidden fees
  • Reliable delivery

RLR Packaging is the SPECIALTY packaging company that works with our client’s and retailer’s needs for packaging design and product presentation. We strive to help you think outside the box and help improve on your offering.

RLR Packaging collaborates with clients in all industries from juvenile, textile, cosmetic, medical, sporting goods, and so much more, to design and produce custom packaging. We also understand the demands from the major retailers, from costs to final delivery and partner with our clients so each requirement is met without any surprises.

RLR Packaging partners with Asian factories who are long standing producers. Some of these facilities were the first to ever produce and export specialty retail packaging as far back as 1983. Our experience and reputation prove we know how to design, price, produce and ship to meet ALL industry needs.

Are you ready for us to show you the new approach to packaging with…

Designs and pricing to meet your needs!

think outside the box